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Learn to communicate

Do your conversations begin friendly but end up in another argument?  Do you struggle to share moments of closeness as a couple? If the answer is yes, you may need help. Pamela can help you improve your communication as a couple. You can break the habit of arguments and failed communication. Improved communication can help you… [Continue Reading]

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Repair your marriage after an affair

Finding out that your spouse had an affair can be traumatic. Whether the affair was sexual, emotional, or even just involved communication with an ex, this breach of trust can be damaging to your relationship.  In reaction to the affair you may be feeling helplessness, rage, shock, disgust, or sadness. These are are normal reactions which might change… [Continue Reading]

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Is anxiety interfering with your life?

All parts of life involve some anxiety. Working, being with family, school – all involve stress. If you aren’t able to enjoy your work, family, or friends because of your worries, or if anxiety is preventing you from living your life, therapy can help. Anxiety can cause you to partake in hurtful behavior such as avoidance, anger,… [Continue Reading]

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About Pamela Kelberg

Pamela N. Kelberg, MSSW, LCSW

Are you tired of miscom­munication? Have you had problems for years but are ready to make a change for a better relationship? I am here to help. Helping you create a closer relationship I am a … [Read More...]

Couples therapy can help

How couples therapy can help you

Do you want to improve communication with your partner or spouse? Has your ability to trust your partner been affected by an affair? Do you long for closeness and greater intimacy with your … [Read More...]

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